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The Flow Head incorporates the following functions:

 ●  Gas indexed pneumatic inlet ports.

 ●  N2O gas flow cut off in the event of oxygen failure.

 ●  Flow control needle valves.

 ●  N2O/O2 flow ratio hypoxic mixture prevention proportioning system.

 ●  Flow tubes accurate to 10% of reading.

 ●  Color coded, market specific labels for flow tubes and flow tubes and flow control valves

 ●  Gas mixing chamber.

 ●  Mixed gas outlet.

 ●  O2 flush.


General Operation

 ●  The Flow Head integrates O2, N2O and Air channels (the N2O and Air channels are optional).

 ●  The O2 Air and N2O needle valves gas supply pressure is externally regulated to 200Kpa±10Kpa.

 ●  The N2O channel incorporates a pressure cut-off valve.

 ●  The O2 needle valve supply pressure in the circuit controls the output pressure of the pressure cut-off valve. Under all conditions of operation, the N2O flow shall reach zero before the O2 flow.

 ●  In this flow head the N2O pressure switch shall cut off the flow of N2O before the O2 pressure drops below 50+/-15Kpa. (adjust by customer)

 ●  Media: Medical grade O2, N2O and Air.



Note: Standard flow conditions defined at 20℃,101.3Kpa, (760mmHG)

Proportioning System

%Oxygen in Mixed Gas Total Flow


  Total Flow Below 1L/min Total flow 1L/min and Above
Assemble Min.22% 22% to 28%
Field Min.21% 21% to 29%



Leakage from atmosphere shall not exceed 1SmL/min when a vacuum of 80cm H2O is applied to all internal passages of the flowhead assembly.


Operating and Storage Environment

Ambient Conditions:


  Operating Storage
Temperature 5 to 40℃ -22 to 55℃
Humidity less than 80RH less than 93RH
Pressure 86 to 106kpa 50 to 106kpa



All wetted materials shall be compatible with all media gases and all anesthetic agents.


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