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product name

Titan1 Vaporizer (Enflurane)

product description

Titan1 Anesthesia Vaporizer (Enflurane)

Titan1 Vaporizer from Sifary available for Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Enflurane.Titan1 Vaporizer provides excellence in output stability across various flow rate and temperatures means the vaporizer complies with the demands of a minimum flow rate. The extended temperature range of 10-40℃ ensures the accuracy of concentration can be satisfactorily controlled even during extreme operating conditions. Titan1 vaporizer extreme flexible design means it fits into the modern anesthesia system environment whatever any brand anesthesia machine. Enhanced design helps improve reliability, operating excellence and product life. Easy to turn dial and fine graduations help control agent delivery. Easy-fill and Key-fill filler is designed to simplify agent filling and help minimize agent leaks while filling. Titan1 is also available in pour-fil and Quik-fil ( Sevoflurane only).At the same time, Sifary support two years warranty period.


Mounting type:

Selectatec compatible

Cagemount (ISO 23mm tapers)


Filler type:

Pour fil



Quik-fil (SEV only)


Concentration range:

Isoflurane: 0.2 to 5%

Sevoflurane: 0.2 to 8%

Enflurane: 0.2 to 5%


Temperature range:

Ambient and Vaporizer temperature

During operation: 10 to 40℃.  vaporizer: 18 to 30℃

During Storage (empty, dry wick): 20 to 60℃ Vaporizer: -20 to 60℃.

Flow range: 0.2 to 15L/min

                 0.2 to 10L/min

                 Concentrations >5 vol.%


Filling volume for anesthetic agent:

360ml with dry wick

300ml with moist wick

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